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Lip blushing is a permanent makeup procedure that delivers natural looking, long-lasting results. A tiny mechanized needle deposits pigment into the lips, which builds layers of color. This procedure will enhance your natural lip color, give the illusion of fullness, and define their shape. It can also be a corrective service to help even out the tone of your lips and help with asymmetry. 



Your appointment will begin with a topical anesthetic applied to pre-numb the lips. Afterwards, the technician will draw the shape of the blushing on your lips so that you can evaluate and make any changes. The procedure usually lasts at least one (1) hour, if not longer, depending on the look you’re going for. After your appointment you will experience intensified color and swelling: this is normal and part of the initial stage of the healing process. The initial vibrancy will fade about 30-40% from what you walked out with revealing a soft and natural blush tone.

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The correct aftercare and pre-care make all the difference in your results and help to minimize downtime. To ensure your treatment heals seamlessly and looks it’s absolute best, please follow the regimen below. 



To help better prepare yourself for your Lip Blushing appointment, please adhere to the following:


  • Refrain from any activities that may cause irritation of the skin before your appointment

  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours prior to appointment time

  • No coffee or caffeinated beverages on the day of your appointment

  • No tanning, microdermabrasions, dermaplanning, laser treatments, or chemical peels 7-10 days before service

  • Do not take any blood thinning medications including but not limited to: Aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Niacin, Fish Oil, Vitamin E, and Ibuprofen. 

  • No lip filler one (1) month prior to Lip Blushing service

If you have experienced a cold sore in or around the mouth, you MUST take Valtrex at least  three (3) days prior and three (3) days after receiving this treatment. Failure to follow these instructions can risk an outbreak that can affect the healing process.


The purpose of the aftercare is to ensure the pigment bonds as best as possible. This will prevent future unnecessary touch-ups, and help the brows last longer.

  • Do not get the brows submerged in water for 10days (cleaning them gently with damp cotton is ok)

  • No exercise for 10 days

  • Apply the healing balm provided 1x per day in the morning

  • Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10days

  • No Botox/facials for 2-3 weeks after your treatment

  • Avoid hot steam/saunas for 10 days after your treatment



What to expect immediately following your Lip Blush procedure:

You will require a few days of downtime following your initial appointment so be sure to plan accordingly around your schedule. The initial color intensity and swelling should regress within 3-4 days. Your lips may feel like they have a slight burn and experience minimal scabbing and/or flaking. It's very important to keep the lips heavily hydrated during this time. 

We also recommend the follow optimal healing results: 

  • Avoid hot, spicy, and salty foods as it may cause added irritation

  • Avoid large bodies of water, direct sun exposure, teeth whitening, rubbing and smoking

  • Do not pick or scratch the lips as it may lead to a loss of pigment and/or scarring

  • Placing cosmetic products on unhealed lips is heavily discouraged

While this list covers many contraindications, there may be others not listed above that would also prevent you from receiving services, and we reserve the right to determine what constitutes a contraindication. Speak with your skincare professional and your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


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